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On November 27, 1972, Mildred Meister opened a lakefront haven framed by pristine waters and expansive sky. She welcomed everyone who heeded the call of Canyon Lake, well beyond an exchange of cash and keys. 


Including us.

We first met Millie 34 years ago. Our family was camping nearby when the hail hit, pummeling our tent and spirits. Clothes wet and kids exhausted, our parents knocked on Millie’s door. 

From that summer on, vacations consisted of both camping and cottages. Mom would help clean. Dad would bring broken things back to life. For a few days a year, our South Texas family felt like royalty; the kind who used the same towels for days to conserve water, but kings and queens nonetheless.


Our story is not unique. Untold other families, friends and familiars benefited from Millie’s generosity, grit and grace. It is in her honor we open the doors to these cottages
once more.


Come Lake With Us.

Old School_edited.jpg


What happens when 1972 meets 2020?  


Take a look at our "before" and "after" pictures, capturing the charm and spirit we intended to honor as we created spaces of comfortable luxury on the banks of the most stunning lake in Texas.

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